Pick a Park – Saskatchewan’s Best Kept Secrets – Candle Lake Provincial Park

Candle Lake Provincial Park is next on our hit list for our Pick-a-park series!  Located in central Saskatchewan, 80 km north of Prince Albert, the park surrounds most of Candle Lake and Torch Lake.  Known for their sandy beaches, clear water, and beautiful forests, this is an ideal place to spend some time this summer!

The park boasts many natural attractions like sand dunes, mature forests, crystal-clear water, and most notably, its purple sand beaches.  Candle Lake has copious amounts of purple sand lining the shores of its beach, making it a government-protected landscape. This unique sand, varying in vibrancy, comes from a mineral called garnet.  Garnet, a group of silicate minerals, has been used since the Bronze Age as gemstones and abrasives.  These minerals were brought to the region from the Canadian Shield by glaciation during the Ice Age about 12,000 years ago!

There are trails for hikers to explore, and with the abundance of wildlife like elk, bears, wolves, and deer, there’s potential to see some of them as well. People are also drawn to the park for fishing, with an array of species in the water, including walleye, pike, perch, burbot, whitefish, and sucker.

Candle Lake Provincial Park features two campgrounds, Minowukaw and Sandy Bay, offering over 300 sites combined!  Additionally, several cabin rentals are available in the nearby village of Candle Lake.

The park also boasts a beautiful 18-hole grass green golf course, built in 1977, located at the south end of the lake.  Candle Lake has many marinas and boat launches for visitors to enjoy the waters.  There is also an aquatic adventure water park with 15 water challenges just off the shore of Candle Lake Beach.

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