2024 Timberwolf 16ML R112

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SKU R112

YEAR 2024

WEIGHT 7,600


COLOUR 2 Tone Metal


TYPE Destination/Park

MAKE Timberwolf

MODEL Timberwolf 16ML

MAN. Forest River

AVAIL. Coming Soon


What is the Timberwolf Mini Loft 16ML?

The best way to describe this trailer is as a very compact park model.

Park model trailers are normally large enough that you aren’t likely towing them around with a half-ton pickup. You’d need at least a one-ton pickup to tow a traditional park mode.

What Timberwolf has created is a hybrid that could be towed by most 3/4-ton pickups.

This RV is almost a two-story affair. The entrance is through a sliding glass door at the back, with that door spanning the entire width of the trailer and a deck to relax on. 

Inside you’ll find very large windows affording a nice view of wherever you’ve parked this trailer.

In fact, the windows are almost two stories high, so this would be a great RV for a beautiful location. 

Note: Images are from the Elkart Open House in Indiana this September. We will update the images and specifications once this unique model hits our lot.!


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