Seeded for Success- Saskatchewan’s Story

Rarely (like almost never) do our farmers get to take off an abundant crop in a year where commodity prices are also high!

2022 is one of those rare years.

Farming is the lifeblood of not only Saskatchewan but of Canada. We are the leading producers and exporters of Lentils in the WORLD! Yes – the world.

Saskatchewan produces 55% of the Canola grown in Canada.

It’s the #1 source of farm revenue for our growers and contributes $29.9 billion annually to the Canadian economy.

Impressive right? Take that success story and combine it with the announcement of these new Saskatchewan based Canola crushing plants:

Federated Co-op will invest nearly $2 billion and is expected to create more than 2,500 construction jobs and 150 permanent operating jobs, at an Integrated Agriculture Complex (IAC) north of their Refinery Complex in Regina. This project is estimated to have direct and indirect economic benefits of approximately $4.5 billion.

Cargill recently announced plans for a $350-million Canola processing facility in Regina. The company started construction in July of 2022 with plans for the facility to be operational by early 2024. The Regina facility is expected to have an annual production capacity of one million metric tonnes and will offer a consistent point of delivery for farmers and end users. Approximately one million hours of employment will be created during the construction phase and the facility will have about 50 full-time positions once fully operational.

Viterra has also announced plans to build a Canola crushing facility in Regina. The agricultural company says the project is currently in the feasibility stage and finalizing the plant’s capabilities and design. The plant will create 1,000 construction jobs and approximately 100 full-time jobs when it’s complete. Company spokesman said the plant will play a key role in supplying feedstock required for renewable fuel production, in line with the federal government’s Clean Fuel Standard, which aims to reduce Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions.

There you have it a tonne of good news!  Construction and Manufacturing jobs created right here is Saskatchewan.

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