24/7 Tech Support

Minards Leisure World is a proud member of the  RV Care Network and only one of two dealerships in Canada that give you the 24/7 Tech Support Program with every purchase:

RV Care offers the RV industry’s BEST Technical Support Program on the market.
As an RV Care customer, you can look forward to the same high level of care and attention from ALL RV Care dealers when you travel.

The last 3-4 years there’s been a surge in camping and specifically RV’ng.  The sheer number has proven to be a bit overwhelming for many RV dealerships service centers.

Much of the growth in the industry is due to New RV’ers who aren’t as familiar with the basic operational functions of an RV.

Dealers with service departments will usually have someone for you to call or text for help but the hours will be more limited.

Nothing beats talking directly to an RV tech support professional especially after normal business hours.

24/7 Tech Support

Access to Certified Technicians standing by all hours of every day, including holidays!

Virtual repair and diagnosis

Many RV problems can be solved without a service center visit.

  • Awning won’t retract.
  • Jacks won’t go up (or come down).
  • Breaker tripped.
  • Generator won’t start or stay running.
  • No A/C shore power

While any of the above could have a mechanical issue that needs to be dealt with, there is often a simpler solution that will take care of the problem.

When something isn’t working you can reach out to the 24/7 Tech Support team and they will walk you through various troubleshooting steps and provide general guidance on how to correct a situation. If the problem cannot be solved virtually, they’ll suggest the steps to take next.

There are numerous dealerships in Canada  that are affiliated with RV Care however only TWO dealerships in all of Canada that offer this valuable benefit when you purchase your RV.

Minards Leisure World is proud to be the ONLY dealership in Western Canada that provides this amazing above and beyond service to its customers.

An incredible selection of RV’s to choose from, a sales team committed to getting you into an RV that fits your needs and your budget and a service offer that goes beyond what’s expected.

Maybe it’s time to explore the Minard difference!