With every new RV purchased at Minards Leisure World we include 3 Years of FREE Emergency Onsite Service. Our mobile service trucks are stocked and on the road 7 days a week. In addition if you are out of our service area or broke down in the middle of the night, we’ve got you covered with our 24/7 Tech Support Hotline as a member of the RV Care Network of Dealerships.

In the event of an Emergency we will send an experienced RV technician and a well-stocked “Emergency Customer Service” truck to your location. Each one of our Road Service trucks has been equipped with a GPS unit so we can dispatch the truck closest to your location and minimize your wait time. 

Minards Leisure World Emergency Onsite Service: 

  • Emergency Onsite Service is provided FREE for 3 Years with purchase of a new RV!
  • Emergency Onsite Service is available 7 days a week!
  • Emergency Onsite Service calls within our service area have NO MILEAGE CHARGE!

 Note: (If parts and labor are required, they will be charged extra, either by the manufacturer through a warranty claim, an extended warranty, or by the customer).

What can our Techs help you with?  

  • Water Leak
  • Furnace Failure
  • Refrigerator Failure
  • Water Heater Failure
  • Awning Failure
  • Slide-Out Failure
  • Converter Failure
  • Water Pump Failure
  • Air condtioning failure   


 Due to the size of our trucks, some repairs cannot be done on the road:

  • Awning Replacement
  • Tin Repair or Replacement
  • Flooring (Lino + Carpet)
  • Cabinet Work
  • Countertops
  • Suspension work
  • Striping and Decals


 Onsite service does not cover cosmetic  or minor adjustments.

 Any Repairs that are not classed an emergency are subject to a service charge.

 To book a service appointment  contact our Service Department  in Weyburn 306-842-3288 or Watrous 306-946-2499

As part of the RV Care Network we offer access to service centers throughout North America plus the ease of online shopping and delivery for all your RV essentials.  

For those of you that are new to the camping world here are some simple reminders that could save you from trouble happening!

Always turn your city water off when you leave your RV for the day or the week. One tiny leak can turn into a nightmare if left unattended for the day or longer. If you are using your fresh water tank remember to shut off the water pump.

Leaks Check plumbing under sinks for any small leaks—usually all you have to do is hand tighten any fittings that have come loose. Remember to check kitchen, bathroom and exterior shower plumbing.

Always leave your fridge on AUTO and always leave your propane turned on. That way if there is a power outage when you are away your fridge will automatically switch to propane. Once the power comes back on the fridge will likely switch back to electric. Either way you will still have a cold fridge.

If your furnace does not start it is most likely a propane lock. Light all burners on the stove, once they are all lit then try the furnace. If that doesn’t work, take out the fuse in the fuse box marked “furnace”. Leave it out for a minute then put it back in. This resets your furnace and then it will start.

Water Heaters
Do NOT turn your water heater on until you have water going through the trailer. If you turn it on with no water you will burn out the element. Just like plugging in a kettle with no water in it. This is not covered under warranty, so take the simple precaution of making sure there is water in the heater before switching it on. To know for sure if there is water in the heater , pull up on the pressure relief valve. Which is located behind the door to heater on the outside of your trailer. If there is water, you are fine to switch on.

We stock all the accessories and parts you might require or want for your RV. Our knowledgeable staff is happy to meet your parts needs whether it be to install something new or repair an existing problem. We’ll even help you source difficult to find items through our various suppliers.
We belong to the RV Care Dealer Network so you can always shop online and have it delivered to your door or  browse through the catalogue below by clicking the image .
Call or text our Weyburn location @ 1-306-842-3288 or our Watrous location @ 1-306-946-2499 if you require help finding what you’re looking for.