Only 2 km Southwest of Willow Bunch, is the hidden gem of Jean Louis Legare Regional Park. The park offers plenty opportunity for activities with a large picnic area and playground where they had a movie under the stars. If you are up for a challenge, there is also a beautiful nine-hole golf course that is worth the drive to see!

Willow Bunch has a museum that is famous for the towns historical figure Edouard Beaupre, also known as, the Willow Bunch Giant. Beaupre was born in Willow Bunch and grew to the astounding height of 8’3”. The museum respectfully reflects his short life in the community.

Located 20 km West of Willow Bunch is St. Victor Petroglyphs. An interesting historical site home to the unsolved mystery of 300 carvings in sandstone that date back to 500-1700 A.D.

After such an entertaining and interesting weekend we look forward to coming back again!