Located 150km East of Weyburn, this 250-site park is full of seasonal sites. The well-developed lots, creative decks, and landscaping are truly a treat for the eyes!

Our first stop was “Trent’s Place”; a cute little pizzeria and confectionary. Trent’s Place is right in the park, and you can find campers there all hours of the day enjoying fresh pizza, pies, and ice cream on the deck! We’re going to have to come back every night to try all the different ice-cream flavours on the menu here!

We couldn’t go to Alameda without making a stop at the golf course. The clubhouse is beautiful, and the course itself is immaculate. The rolling landscape along the Alameda reservoir made these a challenging 9 holes. If golf isn’t quite your thing, there are plenty of water activities to keep you busy! Boating, fishing, swimming, and pontoon boats kept this body of water active all day!

We had a great weekend here, and will definitely be back. Hopefully next time the weather will cooperate a little better!