Electric RV’s…Catch the Wave!

EV is the new buzz word in the automotive industry and the RV industry is starting to catch the wave by developing all-electric RV’s .

Forest River’s Cherokee division is thrilled to announce their contribution to the EV race, the Wolf Den 16EV

Cherokee’s Wolf Pups have always been popular with those looking for a lightweight, travel trailer so Cherokee took their popular Wolf Pup 16BHS floorplan and created an all-electric version known as the Wolf Den 16EV.

The rest of the industry is looking to produce something similar for consumers, with motorized EV’s working to overcome the challenges of weight, range and charging station availability.

Luckily for you these issues have already been resolved by Cherokee in the towable world and Minards Leisure World has what you’ve been looking for!

We snapped up a couple of the newest EV floorplans available from Cherokee and they’ll be on our lot this fall.

Why would you want to consider owning an Electric RV travel trailer?

  • Affordability is a huge consideration, as  Cherokee’s Wolf Den 16EV & 26EV are self-contained units that have all the features and amenities of the Cherokee brand, with a price tag significantly lower than traditional models.
  • Are you a “first time” or a” fuss free” camper? By eliminating propane from the trailer, you only need to plug-in when arriving at the campsite to use everything in the trailer. You will not have to turn on and off the propane tanks or even refill them when empty.
  • The 16EV camper is lighter than many units in its class, allowing more people to tow this trailer with their current vehicle. They may be no need to upgrade your tow-vehicle before considering a trailer purchase for those small SUV and lightweight truck owners.
  • Cherokee is also aware of the growing concern consumers have with being environmentally friendly these days. The lower emissions that result from eliminating gas will help in the fight against climate change.

What can you expect to find in the Wolf Den 16EV?

A 13,500 BTU roof mounted AC unit to keep you cool on those hot days and a 5,000 BTU fireplace to take the chill off on those cooler mornings and evenings.  The  kitchen is equipped with a” jack of all trades” microwave instead of the traditional oven/stove combination.

This all-in-one appliance can operate as an Air Fryer, Convection Oven and/or Microwave to cover all your cooking needs! 3.3 cu.ft. refrigerator and pantry shelves with pull out bins completes your compact kitchen.

When it’s time to turn in, there’s a queen bed at the entry and two oversized bunks in the rear with a bench-dinette providing an additional sleeping spot when needed.


Take the virtual tour of this latest innovation from Cherokee and stay connected to our website and Facebook pages to see the real deal when they arrive on our lot!