How to Season an RV Griddle

Seasoning is a process by which oil is baked into metal to create a stick resistant surface and protect against oxidation.

RV Griddles comes with a thin layer of soy oil on them to protect against rust during shipping.

You can wash this off with warm soapy water prior to your initial seasoning.

Some oils are better than others for seasoning. Suburban recommends Flax seed oil for your initial seasoning since it creates a very durable bond, however, any of the following
oils can be used:
• Flax Seed Oil
• Extra Virgin Olive Oil
• Vegetable Oil
• Soy Oil
The basic idea behind your initial seasoning is to coat your griddle with oil and heat the oil above its smoke point to polymerize the oil and create a bond with the griddle top.

You will end up with a black, stick resistant surface that is easy to clean.

1. Apply small amount of chosen oil to the surface of the griddle top and spread it around with a cloth or paper towel (use tongs or metal spatula to hold the cloth or
paper towel).
2. Turn your griddle on medium-high heat
3. Heat the oil until it reaches its “smoke-point” and let it
continue to discolor. This is good.
4. Let your griddle cool a little. Repeat steps 1 through 3 a few times until you have a black/dark surface on your griddle