Minards Leisure World -Watrous, Saskatchewan

Minard’s Leisure World eager to call Watrous home

With a tremendous focus placed on customer service, a wide selection of RVs and staff ready to help, Minard’s Leisure World is looking forward to making Watrous its second home. Taking over from Ryan and Renee Campbell of Success RV’s earlier this month, Susan Minard said so far they have felt really welcome in the community.

“The thing we have noticed the most since we just started is the super friendly atmosphere in town. Everyone has been so very welcoming and it puts a smile on our face!”

With a similar business philosophy as Ryan and Renee and carrying the same KZ-RV brand, when Minard’s Leisure World was approached to take over Success RV’s in Watrous, Susan explained they were thrilled. With a dealership already established in Weyburn, Minard said it made sense for them to expand into Watrous.

“We started as a small dealership, carrying one line that was made in Canada. We soon found people really liked variety so we now put a tremendous amount of time and effort into selecting what we hope our customers will love. We have meetings that begin in July, narrowing down and discussing what RVer’s want before we head to Indiana in September to buy! We also offer mobile service so if you have a permanent site – no problem!”

The only Canadian RV dealership to hold the designation of being one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies (now Gold Level), Susan said Minard’s Leisure World also won the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year and Marketing award.

“What does this mean? It means we have fantastic, hardworking, ethical staff that will treat you the way you want to be treated!”

As part of the changes in ownership in Watrous, Minard said one thing that will not be changing is the positive atmosphere and great customer service that people have come to appreciate. Offering parts, sales and service like Success RV’s also did, Minard’s Leisure World will be building on that by adding some new lines and floor plans to the mix while aiming to hire a couple of staff. With Ryan Campbell’s departure, Susan noted the team in Watrous is being led by general manager Nick Coroluick who has been with Minard’s for a number of years.

“Nick graciously accepted the interim general manager position in Watrous and people can stop by to shake Nick’s hand. He is one of the friendliest guys you’ll ever meet. Also keep an eye out as there will be new stock arriving soon for everyone to have a look at!”

by Daniel Bushman