Pre-Order Sell Out!

Do you hate waiting in line? Being put on Hold? Getting told your item is Out of Stock?
Us too!
We decided to save you some aggravation, by pre-ordering, more of our best selling 2021 & 2022 RV’s, to arrive just in time for this camping season.
In a few days dozens of pre-ordered RV’s are going to hit our lot and they will go just as fast as the summer does.
Why take a chance and miss out on all the fun?
We have photos, videos, even 360 tours of what coming in and now’s the time to make your choice.
You don’t have to settle for the “lot leftovers” from other dealerships.
At Minard’s you can pick out the RV you love, call or text us to place a deposit on it and as soon as it arrives – it’s yours!
What could be easier than that?