RV Industry Going Green-Harvesting the Power of the Sun

RV 12 volt fridges are the latest craze in the RV Manufacturing world. Without a doubt these new refrigerators have spurred a demand for roof-top solar panels, and many companies have stepped up their solar game.

What are the advantages of an RV 12 volt refrigerator?

  • RV 12 volt fridges use the same basic technology as the refrigerator in your home. They use a compressor to compress the gases internally which is a faster way to cool down the unit.
  • Instead of having to wait many hours for the fridge to cool when you are looking to head out, it may only take a couple of hours depending on the fridge.
  • There is also no propane going to this fridge. That means there’s no open flame so, they are safe to run when traveling.
  • The 12 volt fridge can also use the electricity provided by the tow vehicle in the case of a towable RV.
  • These refrigerators are also much less affected by the weather outside. If it’s humid or dry, cold or very hot, they still manage to keep your ice cream frozen. Note: Not chilly but actually hard like your fridge at home.
  • 12 volt RV refrigerators also tend to have more room for your food. Typically these occupy the same floor space as a traditional propane refrigerator however they have more cubic feet of useable space because the mechanism that makes them function them is smaller.
  • 12 volt RV refrigerators don’t have to be vented to the outside. Propane-electric RV refrigerators require two large vent holes in the outside of an RV. This can invite critter and leaks, both of which are undesirable.
  • One of the biggest surprises of 12 volt RV refrigerators is how much energy they consume. However, this is not an issue if you have a decent way to refill the battery. Having solar on your RV can compensate for the consumption of these refrigerators by keeping your battery full. So, too, can a generator.

RV manufacturers have considered customer feedback about what was working and what was not after adopting the 12V fridge and have made some changes.

Their new solar packages available for RV’s focus on providing increased wattage for the units. This change along with charge controllers help customers determine power available for activities like  “boon docking”. Some of the newer models will also have inverters and extra plugins installed so more solar panels can be added if needed.

At Minards Leisure World our goal is to put you in the “right RV” at the “right price” so we’ve done our homework on this latest industry trend and look forward to helping you determine your solar power needs based on how you RV.

Harness the power of the sun and camp in comfort with your new 12V fridge!