Take the Stress out of Your Investment with RV Care!

The RV lifestyle is intoxicating as you dream about hitting the open road and exploring all the unique beauty Canada has to offer. However, unexpected trouble on the road can interrupt the best laid plans and stress out even the most optimistic adventurers!

RVs are not serviced like your car, meaning RVers take a chance if they show up at any RV dealership and expect similar expedient service. The unfortunate, “unwritten” RV industry rule is; if a unit requires repairs while traveling, the owner should return to the original purchasing dealership for servicing, and that, when traveling, IS USUALLY A PROBLEM!

NOT WITH RV CARE MEMBERS! The national network of 80+RV Care dealerships Will Recognize You As Our Network Customer and prioritize your urgent travel repairs to get you up and on your way. Pretty important when family vacation time is planned around traveling and seeing what the great outdoors has to offer, NOT being held in limbo, or not finding a Friendly Face in a Far Away Place!

Whether an existing customer or considering an RV purchase, it’s always a good idea to research what’s included in your RV purchase beyond searching for the lowest price.

RV Care has built a solid reputation in the Canadian RVing Community for the past 21 years and continues to expand their “value added” offer to include, technology support, premium parts and an expanded network of RV dealerships.

At Minards Leisure World we appreciate the “peace of mind” RV Care provides to our customers. Every new or used RV purchased from us allows you membership in the RV Care network and includes their Customer Care Promises for as long as you own your RV. We sweeten the pot with a one year membership in their Tech 24 program which gives you access to a qualified RV technician 24/7 for those “after hours” or “on the road” emergencies!.

In addition to the RV Care benefits listed, our experienced service team is ready to handle any questions or concerns in a timely manner plus all New RV’s purchased qualify for our 3 year Emergency Campsite Service program, which means you have options if trouble rears it’s ugly head.

RV Care and Minards Leisure World two smart solutions for RV’ers in this topsy turvy world!