Pick a Park – Saskatchewan’s Best Kept Secrets – Moose Mountain Provincial Park

Moose Mountain itself resembles a resting moose on the horizon, and in the 30’s, this section of the province was chosen as an ideal spot for one of our six Provincial parks. The park is tucked away in the Southeast corner of Saskatchewan, only 24kms north of the town of Carlyle and 60kms from Whitewood, […]

Pick a Park -Saskatchewan’s Best Kept Secrets- Manitou and District Regional Park

Our choice for Pick-A-Park this week is a regional park just down the road from our Minards Leisure World location in Watrous, Saskatchewan.  Manitou Regional Park is easy to find being only 125kms SE of Saskatoon and 165kms NW of Regina. The camping season kick off begins May 1st and runs right through to Thanksgiving […]

Pick a Park -Saskatchewan’s Best Kept Secrets- Palliser Regional Park

The Palliser Triangle was once called a “useless desert” when surveyed by Captain John Palliser in 1862, but today part of this region boasts numerous parks along the shores of Lake Diefenbaker and is known as Canada’s breadbasket. How did the barren landscape Captain Palliser see change so rapidly? Unfortunately for him, his surveying expedition […]

Pick a Park – Saskatchewan’s Best Kept Secrets- Last Mountain Regional Park

Saskatchewan is vast and is often the subject of teasing from other Canadians who think it’s only flat and covered with prairie grass.  While we do have areas like that, we also have hidden gems throughout the province where lakes, trees, and wildlife abound.  To the uninitiated these are some of the provinces best kept […]

Firesky Resorts Saskatchewan’s Newest RV Development

Minards believes strongly in the benefits of the RV lifestyle and are constantly on the lookout for new and existing developments where you can spend your leisure time in an RV. This week we’re excited to feature Firesky Resorts, the newest RV development at Rowan’s Ravine Provincial Park. Upon completion Firesky Resorts will boast 225 […]